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     I've used Earls Court Cleaners for loads of different home cleaning services and they always do a cracking job for a very fair price. I plan to hire them on a regular basis very soon, because they make my life so much easier.
Yussif L19/05/2020
      Earls Court Carpet Cleaning continues to impress us with their house cleaning service! You guys really know how to clean, and have great customer service! Thanks!
     At the end of a busy day the last thing you're looking forward to is dealing with bothersome household chores, especially with you teens around. I hired Earls Court Carpet Cleaning and had them work on weekdays when the kids were at school and my husband and I were at work. It worked out splendidly, as they keep our home clean without any fuss. Definitely worth the hassle of calling and setting up regular visits.
Lucy Beck29/08/2016
     This is a great company to work with - and I say this in all honesty possible. I have been asking for their service for about 3 months now and up to the moment they worked excellently for me. They are polite, attentive, they actually know what they do and on top of it all they are very affordable too. Keep up the great job, Carpet Cleaners Earls Court!
Sabine T.17/03/2015
     I don't usually write reviews, but Carpet Cleaners Earls Court have been so impressive time after time with their home cleaning services that I just had to share my opinion. This company is nothing short of fantastic, and their cleaners are the best I could ever have imagined! These are cleaners that aren't only talented and trained, but who also really take pride in what they do and are very committed to providing the absolute best. I couldn't ask for better cleaners for my home!
     Very impressed with the whole team at Carpet Cleaners Earls Court for being able to handle the kind of cleaning which I wouldn't dream of even attempting. I was given their details by a friend who knew that I was a bit unhappy with some of the less than cared for corners of my home, so I gave them a call. For that first conversation, I really felt like they knew what they were doing and you definitely cannot argue with these kinds of results. Great, will definitely be using them again.
Noah Lamb07/01/2015
     Only Carpet Cleaners Earls Court could have provided the help I needed. I was expecting important guests to my home and so I needed to clean things up quickly. I managed a lot of it myself, but I needed support for my carpets. I called them for help and the sent their cleaners to assist me. They got rid of all the dirt on my carpets, as well as a stain that had been there for years. My house was ready for my guests, only because to the expert assistance they provided.
Rebecca Bennet18/12/2014
     My business needed a good spring cleaner as we were having to cope with some very dusty premises and Carpet Cleaners Earls Court did a marvellous job for us. They were available during a weekend and able to come and do the cleaning we needed without disturbing anyone or any work we were doing. The cleaners had a full set of cleaning products, hoovers, carpet cleaners and brushes and this enabled them to do everything in the same day and leave us with a very clean and tidy office space by the time they had finished with it all. I would certainly use this company again.
     Working in an artistic office, we know the importance of keeping things clean and tidy. Unfortunately we aren't the cleanest of individuals, so we hired Carpet Cleaners Earls Court to help us keep on top of our cleaning. We were amazed at how sparkling the office was when we returned to if after letting them crack on over a lunch, and we were stunned. Everything looked brand new, and we can't wait to have them back again, to help after we've made a massive mess.
E. Thompson04/09/2014
     Last year in halls, there was a cleaner that came in three times a week to give the kitchen a good tidy. This year, trying to juggle between studying, working and trying to have a social life, none of us have much time to maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen or living area. A course mate of mine told me about Carpet Cleaners Earls Court who come into their flat and give them a hand on taking control of the cleaning. I would recommend this company to any student! Their services were already affordable and it was even better after we split the costs between 4 of us.
     Despite hoping to be really well organised this time when I was moving out of my old apartment, I left the cleaning to the last minute and ended up booking Carpet Cleaners Earls Court to send some professional cleaners to come and help me rescue my deposit money. I have never seen a house look so clean, these hardworking cleaners scrubbed, polished, washed and tidied the entire house leaving no stone unturned. Since they were so brilliant I asked them to clean up my new house before I moved in, and I was equally impressed. Fantastic service, professionalism and work ethic. Highly recommended.
Samantha C.30/06/2014
     I spend a lot of time away from home because of my job so it always surprises me how messy things become despite no one being there. Dust piles up over time and in my brief visits I'm likely to drop bags and clothes anywhere and forget about them. Wanting my return to home be a pleasant experience, I contacted Carpet Cleaners Earls Court. They now send a cleaner to my house once a month so that it is always clean. This means what whenever I get back, the place is spotless and orderly. I couldn't imagine coming back to a messy building, so thanks for all your help.
Roger Carlyle20/06/2014
     I was struggling to keep on top of my housework after giving birth to twins, so chose to get some help. I called a local company and requested all of the relevant details and prices then ranged a date. Carpet Cleaners Earls Court were great, and did a wonderful job. The cleaning ladies turned up, in smart uniforms and with their cleaning things. We went over what I wanted done, and then they made a start and got on with cleaning the house. It took a while, but when they finished they had done a spectacular job throughout. I now hire them weekly; it is great to have a spotless home.
Jan C.26/05/2014
     I have to say I was most impressed by Carpet Cleaners Earls Court when they came round the other day. I do not often feel the need to write reports on how services dealt with my situation, but this team were great! Very polite, able to answer all of my questions, and they gave a very thorough clean for the price that they charged. All in all, the service was quick and efficient, and I was really happy with how it all went along. You will find that they are very polite and friendly, and the whole experience is a joy.
Catherine Bennett14/05/2014
     I moved into my new house a few weeks ago, and although I thought I had everything ready for the move, I realised that I just didn't have the time to tackle my end of tenancy clean. I contacted Carpet Cleaners Earls Court after seeing some interesting things about them on the internet, and I was impressed by their professionalism straight off the bat. The prices were excellent too, and so I hired them straight away. I'm really glad I did this as I knew I wouldn't have been able to handle my end of tenancy clean as well as my house move, and the cleaners did an excellent job! I'd use this service again and I'd recommend them to anyone!
     I'm not sure how people get through their lives without knowing about Carpet Cleaners Earls Court. I was struggling to find any time to clean before, always wanting to focus on work and social stuff, which left me with barely any time to focus on other matters. So I turned to a cleaning company when I realised that nothing was getting done. They've come into my life and made a big difference, and now I can enjoy a really clean home and a really active life. They've given me the gift of time, something which I didn't think was possible.
Emily Jenkins19/03/2014
     This is one of the most fantastic cleaning companies imaginable! I knew I'd be in good hands with Carpet Cleaners Earls Court because my mum is a huge fan of their services, but I didn't think that I'd be as impressed as I am! I never thought that my house was that unclean before, but seeing my house as fantastically clean as my cleaner gets it really makes me wonder why and how I lived without a cleaner for so long! I couldn't be happier with what is a reliable and inexpensive cleaning company. I'd definitely recommend this cleaning company over all others!
Jackie K.25/02/2014
     You know sometimes you look at something and you think 'I'm sure that wasn't always that colour'? Well that happened the other day when I was staring at my hallway carpet, so I decided to do something about it. I gave Carpet Cleaners Earls Court a call after reading all these good reviews on the internet, and within a few days they were at my door to clean my carpets. I wasn't expecting much as I was worried the carpet in question was beyond saving. Boy was I wrong - these guys are magicians! I have booked them in to do the rest of the house and they are coming next week, can't wait!
Z. Ardbridge30/01/2014
     My sister hired Carpet Cleaners Earls Court after she became a mum and she couldn't manage to keep up with the housework. At first I thought it was a waste of money, but when I saw how immaculately clean her house looked and when she told me how low the prices were, I ended up calling and hiring a cleaner for myself! I always have a lovely clean home that's the envy of all of my friends and I have a lot more time for myself as well. I'm so glad that I made the decision to call a professional cleaning company, and I'm so pleased with the service!
     From the moment we called Carpet Cleaners Earls Court to discuss taking over our office cleaning contract, I have to admit we were impressed, and five years on we continue to be impressed. From the professional manner in which every single member of their staff conducts themselves to how accommodating they are of our needs right the way through to just how good a job they do of keeping our office in pristine condition, this is a company that clearly knows how to do things, and do things well. We would be lost without them now, just a great company.
Tracy Salmon05/12/2013

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